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ITAL-AC - Italian Culture for the 21 Century


Official Name of Program

Italian Culture for the 21 Century

Plan Code


Department(s) Sponsoring Program



Degree Designation

ADVCERPB - Advanced Certificate Post Baccalaureate



NYSED Program Code

38725 - ITAL-AC

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The Advanced Certificate in Italian Culture for the 21st Century is an 18-credit program consisting of six three credit courses, including a capstone practicum course. Completion of the prescribed course of study will yield a Certificate of Advanced Study.

The advanced certificate provides students with a rigorous, dynamic, and interdisciplinary understanding of the richness of Italian culture and its manifestations in the arts, the culture of food, fashion, business, entrepreneurship, and advancement in science and technology. In this age of digital revolution, culture cannot be studied in isolation, and the worlds of business and technology cannot be fully understood if they are not connected to the arts and humanities.

Italian culture lends itself to such a new interdisciplinary approach to culture and the arts in the 21st century. Italy is a world leader in the humanities (e.g., literature and cinema), interior design, fashion, graphic design, photography, robotics, transportation equipment, and the culinary arts. The phenomenon of “Made in Italy,” the result of the intersection between arts and culture, manufacturing and industry, offers itself as a gateway to studying Italy in a contemporary and international context.