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Admission, Retention & Graduation

Applications for admission to master’s degree programs, advanced certificate programs, and non-degree study are accepted throughout the academic year. Openings for admission are filled on a competitive basis, and admission cannot be guaranteed to all who meet the stated requirements. Since requirements, deadlines, and fees change from year to year, prospective students are encouraged to visit the Office of Graduate Admissions website for details at graduate or visit its office in the lobby of Jefferson Hall.

General Requirements

All students applying for admission as a matriculated student must have a bachelor’s degree from a regionally accredited college or university, or an international equivalent, with an undergraduate record indicating good preparation for the proposed area of graduate study. Good preparation, generally, means a minimum academic average of B in undergraduate work. If ten years have elapsed since completion of undergraduate work, additional undergraduate courses may be required as a condition of admission.

Additionally, each program and department has specific requirements concerning letters of recommendation, essay topic, test scores, interviews, and deadlines. Applicants should refer to the appropriate department listing in this Bulletin and the Graduate Admissions website ( graduate).

Students Educated Outside the United States

In addition to the general requirements previously stated, students educated in a non-English-speaking environment must submit TOEFL or IELTS scores. Applications and information regarding the TOEFL may be obtained from TOEFL Services at IELTS information can be found at The institutional code number for Queens College is 2750.

Students seeking a student visa (F-1) must also provide financial information confirming that funds will be available to meet expenses for each year of enrollment at Queens College. A financial information and certification form, the Pre-I20 Package, can be downloaded at Additional information and assistance for students on temporary visas are provided by the International Students & Scholars Office (King Hall 207; 997-4440;

Admission Procedures

Degree and Certificate Program

Complete instructions are included in the online application, which may be obtained at

Students accepted for admission in the Fall are eligible to start in the preceding Summer Session if acceptance is granted prior to Summer Session registration. Students who wish to start in the Summer should check with individual departments to see if courses are available.

Applicants who are admitted to matriculation in one semester but who do not register or enroll in that semester must reactivate their application for full review. Please note that admission in one semester does not guarantee admission in a subsequent semester.

A nonrefundable fee of $75 must be paid when the application for admission is filed.

Full-Time/Part-Time Status

Students who are registered for 9 credits of coursework, or the equivalent, are considered full-time. To meet requirements of the Immigration and Naturalization Service, F-1 visa students must be enrolled full time. Full-time graduate students may take a maximum of 15 credits a semester. Students in the Teacher Education program with full-time employment may take a maximum of 6 credits in any semester. Students who want to exceed these limits must receive the permission of both their academic department and the appropriate academic dean.

Enrollment Status

There is no official leave of absence classification for graduate students; students who do not register for a semester are considered inactive. Such status is not noted on student records and does not extend the time limit for the degree or certificate.

Reentry. Students seeking to reenter must be in good standing (B average), and within the time limit allowed to complete their degree. Complete instructions for reentry are included in the online application.

A nonrefundable readmissions application fee of $20 is required. Note that all requirements for the Master of Arts, Master of Arts in Liberal Studies, Master of Fine Arts, Master of Library Science, Master of Music, or Master of Science degree must be completed within a period of four years. The Master of Arts in Teaching or the Master of Science in Education degree must be completed within a period of five years. Students who exceed these time periods, or who are not in good academic standing, must contact the appropriate academic dean. It is advisable for reentering students to inform their departments and make an appointment with a graduate advisor prior to registration.

Maintenance of Matriculation. CUNY regulations require students to be registered in the semester/session in which the degree is awarded. If all coursework was completed before the graduation semester and no courses are being taken, students must register for maintenance of matriculation.

Please see the Bursar’s website ( bursar) for current fees. Registration for maintenance of matriculation is not required for any semester other than the semester in which the degree is obtained, and the fee cannot be waived.

Payment of the fee allows students to use the facilities of Queens College as a regularly registered student (library, laboratories, etc.).

Non-Matriculated Status

Students seeking to apply as a non-matriculant may do so by logging in to our online application at A nonrefundable fee of $75 will be charged after course registration. Applicants applying as non-matriculants must submit copies of their transcripts showing proof of receipt of a bachelor’s degree (except Post-Master’s Certificates, for which proof of a master’s degree is required), which must be approved by the graduate advisor of the program in which the applicant wishes to take courses.

Applicants on student visas (F-1) are not eligible to apply for non-matriculated status.

Registration in Courses for Non-Matriculants

Acceptance in a non-degree status does not guarantee admittance to courses. Class sections may have been filled during earlier registration periods; many courses have prerequisites; and some courses and programs are not open to non-matriculants.

Non-matriculated students must obtain permission from their graduate advisor each semester before registering for classes.

Graduate non-matriculants, except those who have a master’s or higher degree, or those who are Cooperating Teachers with tuition waivers, may take no more than 12 credits at Queens College in that status.

Students should bear in mind that admission to non-matriculant status does not guarantee subsequent acceptance for matriculation. Currently enrolled non-matriculants who have successfully completed 6–9 credits are encouraged to apply for matriculation before completing 12 credits; only courses related to the program for which they are accepted will be credited toward the degree.

Non-matriculants who have not achieved a B average after completing 12 credits will not be permitted to continue at the college.

Graduation Procedures

Students must consult with the faculty advisor to ensure they are on track to graduate. We strongly encourage students to apply for graduation by the posted deadlines on the QC Hub website at The completion process for students in certificate programs (Advanced and Post Master’s Certificate) must be initiated by the advisor. If a student’s record is inactive prior to the semester of graduation, they must file a reentry application available at prior to registering for maintenance of matriculation.

Enrollment Following Graduation

If a student wishes to continue taking courses on a non-matriculated basis after receiving a Queens College master’s degree, a Non-Matriculant Application must be filed via the online application by the appropriate deadline date. Individuals who wish to apply for a second master’s degree or post-master’s certificate(s) should file an online application for matriculation.

Immunization Requirements

New York State Public Health Law requires that anyone born on or after January 1, 1957, must be immunized against measles, mumps, and rubella before starting school, and be provided with information about meningococcal disease and vaccination. Students are required to file a QC Immunization Form with the Health Service Center (Frese Hall, 3rd floor, 997-2760); the form is available at Failure to file this form will jeopardize the student’s continuation in the graduate program, and registration will be blocked if the immunization requirement is not satisfied.

Teacher Education Programs

Queens College’s master’s and certificate programs in Teacher Education meet New York State academic and field requirements for certification. Applicants should bear in mind that while the college recommends for New York State teacher certification those students who successfully complete an approved program in Teacher Education, the college itself does not issue teaching licenses or certificates. New York State issues teaching certificates, which are universally accepted in New York State school districts, including New York City. Note also that requirements are subject to change. It is the student’s responsibility to determine whether a course of study will meet in full the licensing and certification requirements for New York City and State and, where relevant, for states other than New York. Students applying for certificate programs. Please consult the appropriate departmental listing in this Bulletin for additional admission requirements.

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