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Programs of Study

Scheduling information for courses listed is based on information available when the Bulletin went to press. Curricula are subject to change. Students are advised to check with the department office for the most current program requirements and course descriptions.

Course Levels

500-level courses are special-purpose courses; graduate students may take these courses at the discretion of each department. 500-level courses cannot be credited toward the Master of Arts, Master of Arts in Liberal Studies, Master of Fine Arts, Master of LibraryScience, or Master of Music degrees, but are counted toward the Master of Arts in Teaching and Master of Science in Education degrees.

600-level courses are introductory graduate courses.

700-level courses are intended primarily for master’s degrees and first-level doctoral students.

Undergraduate Students in Graduate Courses

Graduate 500- and 600-level courses may be taken by undergraduate students provided that all prerequisites are met and departmental permission is obtained.

Upper-division undergraduate students may be admitted to 700-level graduate courses, other than education courses, provided they have a minimum cumulative average of B and the permission of the chair or graduate advisor of the department offering the course.

For graduate education courses at the 700 level, students must have the permission of the chair and the dean of the Division of Education. In specific cases, additional prerequisites may be required. With appropriate approval, graduate courses can be counted toward the undergraduate degree.

In some circumstances, it is possible that graduate course credits taken by a Queens College undergraduate can be applied toward the master’s degree instead of toward the undergraduate degree. In such circumstances, the graduate course credits must be in excess of the 120 credits required for the undergraduate degree. In addition, such graduate courses cannot be counted toward the undergraduate major or used to meet other undergraduate requirements.

A Queens College undergraduate who takes graduate courses and later receives approval to use those courses toward the graduate degree will be billed accordingly at the graduate level for the difference in tuition fees. For additional information, undergraduate students should consult the chair or graduate advisor of their academic department. (See also BA/MA Degree Programs in the section on Degree & Certificate Offerings.)

Graduate Students in Undergraduate Courses

Graduate students should be aware that undergraduate courses do not accrue credits toward a graduate degree or an advanced certificate.

Graduate Center Courses

The letter “U” preceding a course number indicates that this is a doctoral course. Students must register for doctoral courses through the CUNY Graduate School. These courses may be taken by students who have the prerequisites, whether or not they intend to continue for the doctoral degree. Students are advised to complete the permit process before registering at the Graduate School. (See Transfer Credits and Permits in the Degree & Certificate Offerings section.)

Overlapping Courses

Academic policy as passed by the Senate of the college PROHIBITS registration into courses with overlapping schedules. Students who register into courses that overlap WILL BE DROPPED from one of the courses. NO EXCEPTIONS will be made.