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LRNTECH-AC - Educational and Learning Technologies


Official Name of Program

Educational and Learning Technologies

Plan Code


Department(s) Sponsoring Program



Degree Designation

ADVCERPB - Advanced Certificate Post Baccalaureate



NYSED Program Code

89023 - LRNTECH-AC

CIP Code


New York State certified teachers who already hold master's degrees desire incremental raises for a master's plus additional credits. Most teacher contracts, including the New York City Department of Education (NYCDOE) contract, reward teachers financially for attaining 15 credits beyond their master's and 30 credits beyond their master's. Further, professionals who have been teaching for several years often want to improve their practice and become lead teachers and model teachers in their diverse schools and communities. This fully online Advanced Certificate program was designed to meet all of these needs. The SEYS Post-Master's Program in Educational Technology is designed to offer integrated, theoretically-grounded views of teaching and learning with technology that address the needs of students in diverse communities. Program faculty promote rigorous scholarship and research, contextualized learning, and service in school and community settings. We encourage critical reflection on the roles of teachers in society and about our responsibilities as educators. Five cutting edge, fully online courses are aimed at expanding teachers' knowledge of Philosophies of Teaching and Learning and Digital Pedagogy, Learning Theories and Cognition in Education and Technology, Practical Applications in Educational Technology, Student Use of Educational Technology, and Action Research in Secondary Education and Technology.