Department: Educational and Community Programs

The Department of Educational and Community Programs seeks to foster a learning environment that welcomes, respects, and promotes the spectrum of lived experiences.  We value all lived experiences and recognize that all our worldviews are shaped by multiple and intersecting personal social identities.  In our commitment to inclusion and equity, we welcome people from all backgrounds and seek to provide students and faculty with opportunities to develop awareness, knowledge, and skills to effectively engage and serve a diverse array of communities.   We stand against any action that discriminates against or mistreats marginalized people including, but not limited to, refugees, immigrants, women, indigenous peoples, people of color, LGBTQI+ people, people with disabilities, and low-income people because such acts demoralize the integrity of the nation and fail to reflect the ethical courage that is owed to all people.

Capacity Building To demonstrate our commitment to capacity building our objective is to equip faculty, staff, and students with the skills, resources, and relationships to be effective advocates in the fight for social justice in education.

Action The objective is to engage and stimulate institutional members and communities in authentic efforts to advance social justice.  We look forward to implementing equitable practices for change via external partnerships organizing to innovate changes in schools and communities and internal practices encouraging self-reflection and social justice practices.